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Your builder should be more than honest. At Raymar Homes, we believe that what we do and how we do it is an exact representation of who we are. That's why our personal names are an integral part of our company name. When you put your trust in Raymar Homes, we realize you are putting your trust in US. And we take that responsibility very seriously.
Raymar Homes, Inc. was founded in 1998.


Raymar Homes strives to be recognized as an ethical, high quality and innovative builder of custom homes and renovations. Our systems approach to building will provide a remarkable experience and create a beautiful, comfortable, and energy efficient home that will be thoroughly enjoyed for years to come.

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Mark Pung

Mark Pung President Raymar Homes
Mark Pung is the President and Treasurer of Raymar Homes.

Mark’s background served as a great foundation for starting a home-building business. Mark began working in construction after graduation from high school to put himself through college. He earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan State University in 1989.

After graduation, he debated whether he should go directly into construction or work in industry. He opted to work in industry and the experience was well worth it. His first job out of college was as a supervisor and electrical manufacturing engineer for a defense contractor. In addition to the supervision responsibilities, his task was to generate extensive, detailed instructions to manufacture and inspect highly complex electrical circuit boards.

After two years, he wanted to get additional experience so he joined a progressive automotive supplier for 7 years. His responsibilities were again supervision and electrical manufacturing engineering, as well as quality engineering. He was responsible for incorporating new manufacturing methods and procedures, and customer quality. At this company, Mark learned how to service the customer and produce large volume components with zero defects.

Mark is a Certified Graduate Builder and a Certified Green Professional. Mark’s main responsibilities are the business side of Raymar Homes and generating written procedures for all aspects of the company.

Because of his engineering background, construction and manufacturing experience, and strong belief in continuing education, Mark and his team brings a high level of professionalism, communication, and thoroughness to the building process.

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